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However, there are also Tens or Better, where a pair of ten is enough.

Video poker can also be played with a joker, a placeholder. In Deuces Wild, for example, all twos are wild cards. This means that even quintuplets are possible. There are also variants with a double bonus for four of a kind or other constellations. Apart from the simplest card combinations, i.e. a pair of jacks or tens, the hand ranking is the same as in standard poker.

A game round begins with you setting a bet. Then have the cards dealt. You get 5 cards. You can now determine which cards you want to hold by clicking on the relevant card or cards. Then get dealt for the remaining new cards. Now the possible profit is determined and paid out using the profit table of the corresponding video poker variant.

One of the reasons to play video poker slot machines is clearly the simple set of rules. In addition, the winnings table with all valid poker hands is usually shown on the machine itself, i.e. on the screen. In addition, if you win, the corresponding poker hand is usually marked so that you can see exactly with what and how much you won.

In addition, video poker enables individual players to play a quick game. This means that you can start the game without any other players and complete a few game rounds in quick succession.

Your winnings are of course dependent on how much you have wagered. Take a look at the paytable above or check out the paytable on your poker slot machine.

d “. Most poker machines give you five cards from a 52-card deck; depending on the game, some jokers may also be in the game.

You need at least a pair of jacks or more to be able to win. The aim of the game of poker is to have the best possible five card hand. Receive five card hand. The better your hand, the higher your profit!

Rarely do you have a good, winning combination on your first hand. Now your strategy is required, because you may discard cards once, which will be replaced by new ones. It is entirely up to you to decide which cards to discard and which to hold. The discarded cards are then randomly replaced with new cards. This is your final hand in the game and it depends on what combination you landed. Do you have a winning combination? In this case, your winnings will be paid out immediately according to the pay table.

In video poker there are also machines with some special features. So, depending on the slot machine, you can play with up to 10 hands at the same time or play with different strategies.

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